Our Commitment

Our commitment is to strive to become the trusted provider of our customers through the distribution of chemical products, and to promote durable and transparent relationships with our partners.

If you want to know the General Principles of our Corporate Policy, do not hesitate to request them.

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Provide chemical solutions to our customers offering them maximum competitive value in terms of product quality and service excellence.


Continue being a reference company in the sector of chemical distribution, taking advantage of a size that makes us agile to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the market and our customers.

Our global focus will be on maximizing the potential of our product portfolio and increasing our presence in new customer segments through a team of professionals who perform excellence and differentiation in each of their processes.

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For us excellence is not an end but a way forward. We develop our work and apply our knowledge following six values that constitute our corporate culture: Confidence, Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork, Personal Leadership, Respect.

  • 1 Trust
    We are honest in our professional relationships and trustworthy with the services that we offer, thanks to the knowledge and experience we have acquired throughout our history.
  • 2 Commitment
    We work to meet the needs of our customers, developing our business in a professional and competitive way.
  • 3 Innovation
    Our aim is to work and innovate in order to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.
  • 4 Teamwork
    We know that the best answers come when working in team and that is why we invest in generating trust relationship between our teams.
  • 5 Personal Leadership
    We promote individual leadership, diversity of perspectives, talent and experience of all employees of the company.
  • 6 Respect
    We compete honestly and loyally avoiding any operation that could damage the reputation of our company.