The Company

BRUGUÉS is a company specializing in the distribution of chemical products, dedicated to the purchase, packing and distribution of chemicals, both nationally and internationally.

We have more than 75 of years experience and a portfolio of products ranging from basic to industrial specialty chemicals. With an active of more than 2000 customers, we stands by for our ability to adapt to the needs of each, making customized products to satisfy them.

Our team brings experience and strength in the supply of chemical products, in a permanent, flexible and customized way, in different sectors in which we operate.

Furthermore, absolutely committed to Quality, Safety and Environment, we feel the need to work for a sustainable development to preserve the environment for future generations. For this reason, one of the measures taken by the company is the reuse of the packaging, which cleaning and management is done in an own warehouse exclusively dedicated to this purpose, in order to provide our products in a packaging that ensures optimal conditions and environmental sustainability.

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